Acceleration Australia

Acceleration Australia helps you move faster, jump higher and get stronger in your chosen sport. Pushing your boundaries to help achieve your sporting goals, they focus on specific elements that make up the totality of your sport and help you understand the components of movement and the actions needed to enhance and improve your athleticism.

So if you’re serious about sport, check out the categories below for the best in sports-specific training programs for your chosen discipline. You can even get a customised program designed specifically for you.

American Football / Gridiron

Never wonder if you are strong enough, fast enough or powerful enough for football again!

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey requires strength and resilience.

Australian Rules Football

Aussie Rules is one of the greatest Australian sports of all time.


Netball is a physically demanding and competitive sport


Baseball requires incredible strength and power.

Rugby League

Rugby League is one of the roughest sports in the world.


With Basketball becoming one of the most popular sports in the world, competitiveness is at an all time high.

Rugby Union

Rugby Union requires strength, stability, speed and power.


The Sport of Cricket is Demanding More Athleticism


Swimming is a competitive sport that demands speed and strength.

Field Hockey

Hockey is a sport that demands a multitude of athletic attributes and requires a specific performance training program.


Tennis is an intense sport that requires speed and stamina.

Football (Soccer)

Football is the most popular sport to play in Australia.


Build Strenth and Confidence with these Volleyball Training Programs


Strength and stability is essential in the game of golf


Triathlon is an endurance sport that is becoming more popular every year.