Daniel Delahunty and Ildiko Gaspar



Be guided through every aspect of your preparation from federation/category selection, training/nutrition to recommending stage attire and comprehensive posing coaching.
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A successful off season ensure’s a successful on stage outcome.
Team Hardazbodz off-season coaching is completely customised to suit your needs. Both training and nutrition protocols are set to optimise maximising muscle gain with balance and symmetry in mind. Setting optimal metabolic health prior your competition preparation which requires calorie deficit ensures the leanest physique onstage.


Competing in Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness and Bikini shows has been becoming very popular.

At times what seems to be forgotten is that the first thing necessary to be competitive (anyone can be a competitor), one needs to spend considerable time training seriously, before choosing to compete.

One needs to achieve some degree of muscular development so that after dieting down there is enough to showcase onstage, that is what it’s all about. For most guys it‘a never having enough muscle. For those in divisions that are governed by weight or height development or full muscle bellies are paramount. This goes for Figure and Bikini girls too.

It is a mistake, to decide to compete and rush into “shredding mode”. Some newcomers to the sport, think that’s all that is needed to compete. Much like a 12 Week
Transformation Challenge. It is not uncommon for competitors to take 2 years of hard work in the gym prior to the first show, or between competitions. This is to achieve a degree of development in muscle size before dieting down again. Then there is the countless hours of posing practice to ensure that you present your body to look it’s best onstage.

For anyone interested in competing, I would recommend consulting with an experienced coach, who could assess your development for the category your planning to compete in. You might have to gain more muscle or work on some imbalances. For this, your coach can design a customized exercise program and nutritional guide so you can be awesome when the time is right to get shredded for your competition. Checking into a coach also provides compliance, there are plenty of head games during a contest prep just ask anyone that has competed. Should you decide to compete prepare well and you will never regret getting in the best shape of your life. If you were to win your competition it would be a bonus.