Fat Burners

Fat burning supplements are a great way to improve the bodies ability to burn fat stores while increasing your your energy levels which are usually low due to a calorie restrictive diet.

Fat burners are the most popular option for those looking to shed some weight fast.  By the name, many think that these magic pills literally help to melt the fat away as you sit at your desk.  The truth is, fat burners are designed to assist and help speed up the rate in which you lose weight when combined with diet and exercise.  So how do they work you ask?

Fat burners help to increase your metabolic rate, which is the rate at which our body burns calories. This allows for your body to be in a better position to burn fat for fuel.  One way of achieving this is through the course of thermogenesis. 

  • The thermogenesis process of the body is directly related to the metabolic rate. 

When the core temperature of the body is increased the metabolism is stimulated. This ultimately causes the body to call upon stored fat cells to support the additional energy output.  Speeding up your metabolism is great and all but if you’re consuming more calories than your metabolism can burn up, you will not lose weight.

One of the major issues people find when trying to lose weight is sticking with their clean diet.  Eating 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day and exercising frequently can actually lead to an increase in appetite, potentially leading to poor food decisions.  Once your body depletes its carbohydrate reserves (glycogen stores), it will begin burning stored fat.  Naturally, as you deplete your energy reserves, you become hungry and tired.  Fat burners contain ingredients that help to suppress your appetite and keep you energized while on a calorie restricted diet.  When you take the hunger cravings out of the equation it becomes much easier to make good decisions regarding the food you consume.

Now that you’ve got your metabolism running on all cylinders and your appetite is under control.

There is no substitute for a good diet and consistent exercise.  However, if you’re looking for a sidekick in your quest for a better physique, a good fat burner can be your best ally in helping you to achieve that goal!

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