Protein powders are great for using if you cant meet your daily protein requirements, or as a supplement meal if you are running short of time and cant stop and eat. However your first goal should be getting your daily protein requirement from food, and most people should be able to need these needs without needing a protein supplement everyday.

Beginning a fitness regimen can be an intimidating experience. There are thousands of products that all claim to help you get fit. While any number of these products may indeed help you reach your goals, it is suggested that your initial supplement purchase be a high-quality protein powder.Although the product “protein powder” may not have a tasty connotation, the supplement industry now creates products that taste just as good as that vanilla milkshake from the local burger joint. So, don’t be worried about having to choke it down. That was your dad’s protein shake. Now that we’ve put the taste issue to bed, consider these five reasons you should include a protein supplement in your diet:

Protein Powder Can Help Prevent Muscle Loss

Protein provides your body with different amino acids, all which have specific purposes that must be carried out in order to maintain good health. Of these purposes, repairing and building up new muscle tissue is one of the most important.

Protein Powder Can Help Speed Post-Workout Recovery

A pre-workout protein shake will prepare your muscles for what’s to come while the post-workout shake will top off the amino acid stores to help the repair process take place.                                                     

Protein Powder Can Support Strong Bones                           

Many protein powders contain up to 20% of your daily calcium requirements in a single scoop. If you’re drinking pre- and post-workout protein shakes, then you’re going to meet almost half of your daily requirements without a second thought.

Protein Powder Can Help Vegetarians

If you’re a vegetarian and not watching your protein intake you may not be getting the results you could be. Invest in a protein powder you feel comfortable using and revel in the outcome!

Protein Powder Can End Meal Planning Madness

Meal planning and preparation is a time-suck, but a worthwhile one. Still, there are those of us who don’t have the time to plan our meals for the week. Because of this, some of us turn to fast food or unhealthy choices instead of something wholesome. A solution? Keep protein powder on hand.

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