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What works on paper doesn’t always cross over to a person’s individual needs, and while it’s important to get the fundamentals from experts, we believe it’s just as valuable to show what everyday people do to achieve their results.

In The Gym

In this series we film how everyday people train to get results. We film you while you’re training and edit the video down to about 5 minutes. The video showcases your exercise selection and we ask a couple of basic question about your training.

In The Kitchen

Finding out what meals help people reach their goals can be very inspiring. These videos are attached to the recipe so people can get an idea of why you are eating that meal, i.e macro split etc.. We film and edit the video.

What Works For Others

Nearly everyone has their own spin or variation on things that help them achieve their goals. This section highlights some of those day to day tips that help with consistency but don’t get much attention. We get you to film these videos on your phone to look more natural.

Training With…

This section is similar to In The Gym but we train with athletes. So we ask a bunch of questions around their training and find out what they have learnt over their career.

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