Alessandra Trovato Nutrition


Alessandra Trovato is an Australian Accredited Nutritionist and the director of Alessandra Nutrition.

With an Italian heritage, food has always been central to Alessandra’s life. Having been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease as a young child, learning how to read nutrition labels, understanding food codes are and what foods you can and cannot have became essential knowledge. Alessandra’s love of food, especially Nutella and passion for food education lead her to a pursue a career in nutrition.

Alessandra is highly qualified within her field of food and nutrition. Her qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Nutrition Science from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

  • LEAPS Professional Development Program issued by Queensland Government.

  • Positive Notice Blue Card for working with children under 18 years issued by Queensland Government.

  • Positive Notice Yellow Card to deliver prescribed disability services to NDIS participants issued by Queensland Government.

  • I’m Alert in Food Safety Training issued by the Logan City Council.

  • Registration with The Public Health Association of Australia Inc.

Alessandra is also an active member of Nutrition Australia and regularly provides advice through features in newspaper articles and podcasts.

Alessandra’s success is driven by her passion for nutritional education, and the knowledge that a healthy diet can still be delicious. She believes that with the right tools and knowledge anyone can make long-term changes for a healthy life.

Nutrition is a such a diverse field, and as such we offer a wide range of bespoke services to suit your needs. Please contact Alessandra to book a consultation or for further information on available services.

Services Currently Offered:

Clinical Nutrition Services

Corporate Nutrition Services

Workplace Nutrition Services

Clinical Nutrition Services:


We want to go above and beyond to achieve the goals and nutritional needs of our clients, so our 1:1 sessions are customised to provide you, the client with education, advice and solutions to suit your lifestyle and specific needs.

Our individual consultations comprise of a 60 minute initial appointment, where Alessandra will retrieve information on your health background, your goals as well as any other specific requirements you may have.

Clients receive a personalised nutrition program which is created to suit their needs and requirements. It is more than just a list of foods to include and avoid, it is a lifestyle plan to manage your own personal goals, whether that be weight loss, tracking sporting performance, managing dietary allergies or intolerances. Alessandra will also provide you with the relevant education and show you how you can best implement these changes for long term success.

Follow up consultations of 45 minutes will assess your progress as well as make any necessary adjustments.


Our 1:1 Cooking Demonstrations and Shopping Trips are designed to cater for your individual needs. You can book for a 3 or 6 hour time slot, depending on your needs. Alessandra will show you how to prepare your food with minimal fuss, preparing either a breakfast, lunch or dinner dish with you. This is especially useful when learning to follow a new dietary regime, or having being recently diagnosed with an allergy or intolerance.

Alessandra will also do a comprehensive walk-through supermarket shop with you at a shop or market of your choice, showing you how to read a nutrition label to compare similar products as well as tricks to successfully navigate the supermarket on a budget. At present our Cooking Demonstration and Shopping Trip service is available to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions only. Please note this service is currently unavailable due to COVID-19.


This package is tailored to show you practical and realistic ways to feed the family with nutritious meals within a budget and with ease. Our new service educates families to be food savvy as well as creative in the kitchen. This package includes an initial 90 minute session where Alessandra will gather an understanding of your families needs.

You will then receive 4 weeks of personalised nutritional coaching where Alessandra will work closely with you and your family. This will be comprised of weekly 30 minute check ins as well as support through a private Facebook group. During this time you will work to develop healthy habits and meal planning solutions to suit the whole family (including any dietary intolerances or allergies). Alessandra will share her advice for fussy eaters as well as baby led weaning. To discuss further please contact Alessanda.

Corporate Nutrition Services:


As a professional in the allied health industry, we take great pride in promoting and creating content for like-minded brands. Our passions lie in providing practical and informative education to consumers. Partnering with Alessandra can provide an expert voice to increase your brand awareness as well as public trust. Our informative approach will provide a key point of difference that allows your brand to stand apart in the crowd.

As part of this opportunity, Alessandra offers workshops, recipe development, and content creation packages. Our content creation packages can be created to include the following: Newspaper articles, instagram posts, blog posts, YouTube videos and Facebook posts. These will be displayed on the Alessandra Nutrition social media as well as being available to you for your own use.


Whether you’re a small or large café or restaurant, having full and comprehensive knowledge of your menus nutrition information is essential. Corporate menu analysis includes a comprehensive analysis of the entire menu, including drinks menu. Alessandra coaches clients on how to decipher relevant nutritional information, such as kilojoules, calories, protein, fat, vitamins, and mineral quantities and special dietary requirements. Alessandra can also assist with recipe development working with your team to help tailor foods to be tasty, nutritious and suitable to suit special dietary requirements.


If you are looking at food product development, Alessandra can assist with developing ingredient lists and nutrition labels. She will also provide a complete macro and micro nutrient analysis of your product. This service is ideal for cafes and restaurants who sell in-house products as well as anyone in the food product industry.

Workplace Nutrition Services:


Illness is expensive, not just for individuals but for employers too. Sick days, poor productivity, expenses and time off for major illnesses are just a few ways that poor health can negatively affect your company.

Whether you’re a small or large company, workplace wellness provides endless benefits for both the employer and employee, such as boosting office morale, relationships between employers and staff, overall health and productivity in the workspace. These programs help to reduce absenteeism as well as cost and frequency of worker’s compensation. Employees can also apply the knowledge they’ve gained in the workplace package in their home setting.

Our innovative workshops can be provided to workplaces, education facilities and sporting clubs to name a few. A range of topics can be addressed, including nutritional basics for good health, infant/ childhood nutrition, sports nutrition, food myth busting, healthy eating in the workplace, nutrition for the flu season, healthy eating in a working week, and nutritious eating on a budget. We can also customise workshops to suit your specific workplace requirements.

Workplace Health Packages include:

·      Wellness workshops covering a wide variety of topics

·      Cooking demonstrations

·      Health checks for individuals and toolkits for eating a balanced diet

Group Program Challenge Meal Plans:

As part of our workplace wellness packages we can also customise challenge meal plans for workplaces including gyms and other fitness facilities with options available for 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 weeks. If you’re looking to refine your diet and re-discover good food for an upcoming event or as part of a lifestyle overall, a challenge meal plan is the perfect solution.

A challenge meal plan is personalised to meet each individual needs to ensure that your goals are reached. As part of this package, you will receive a complimentary 30 minute pre-challenge talk to explain the basics and answer any questions you may have.