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Is food addiction a difficult addiction to break

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    Why Choose My Central Fitness?

    My Central Fitness was created to combat a growing trend when it comes to people searching for answers online about health and fitness.There is so much information out there on health and fitness and it’s spread out over a lot of different platforms but only a small percentage of that is dedicated to the entry level person, on top of that a great deal of it is misinformation delivered by anyone willing to get in front of a camera regardless of knowledge or experience.

    You can see this bad advice at work in almost any gym you go into. My Central Fitness was created to do two things

    • Consolidated relevant information for people who just want to find out how to get started with a health and fitness plan and make it a lifestyle change and
    • Have this information delivered by professionals with years of experience in the industry they are talking about, with first hand knowledge of what you are going through.

    The My Central Fitness website is designed to help all people that want to improve their level of health and fitness. Although the focus of the website is aimed at the entry-level person their is a variety of information for the people who are already physically fit and are simply looking to improve their knowledge.

    There is definitely a productive and unproductive way to go about improving your overall fitness level.It is our goal to avoid unproven approaches and fads to obtaining good health. The tips and tactics offered on this website have been provided by some of the best fitness coaches in the business and have been proven to be safe and effective.

    While there are differing beliefs among the various fitness communities in relation to some of the more in-depth aspects of fitness, the beliefs and direction on our website will focus only on the most widely proven and practiced methods available. The great thing about this website is you can use it in 2 ways, if you’re someone who wants understand a little better why you are exercising and eating a certain way, the information on this website will do that, or if you’re someone that just wants to follow on from a starter programs and nutrition plan from the website, then you can contact the experts that made the program for further advancements.

    This website was also designed to cater to the sports orientated people also, covering areas specific to strength and conditioning for a variety of sports which could be the difference between progressing in a sport or not.

    We are keeping our subscription fee lower than our competitors as we feel everyone should have access to this level of knowledge, and by creating a user friendly website your health and fitness goals just got that little bit easier.